Server commands
TransformTransform your character.
RevertRevert your character.
Ultra StrongSpecial transformation..
Fury StrongSpecial transformation..
!infoShow informations about yourself.
!spellsShow your spells.
!missionCheck your mission state.
!pzCheck your pz time.
!teleportTeleport to city.
!moneyCheck your golds in yours bp.
!bosslimitCheck how many bosess you can spawn.
!bolBuy the band of loss.
!ripYou show the rip emote.
!ggYou show the gg emote.
!setoutfit 1Change a outfit.
House Commands.
!buyhouseBuy house.
!house guestEdit guest list in your house.
!house subInvite friend and let him to close/open doors.
!leavehouseLeave from house.
Bank System
!balanceYou can see your account balance.
!deposit [money]Deposit money on your account balance.
!depositallDeposit all money that you have in your backpack.
!withdraw [money]Withdraw money from your account balance.
!withdrawallWithdraw all your money from your account balance.
Autoloot System
!autolootOpen auto loot window.
!autoloot clearClear the autoloot list.
!autoloot addAdd the item we want the autoloot to collect.
!autoloot removeRemove the item from the autoloot.